Commercial Smoke Exhaust System Installation

No restaurant owner or commercial establishment proprietor looks forward to putting the company’s safety equipment to the test in a real-life fire. However, most business owners would agree that doing as much as possible to protect your premises and the people inside in the event of a fire is a critical component of any responsible business ownership strategy.

At KLM Heating & Cooling, we offer various types of heat and smoke exhaust fans that are designed to fill this vital need for a wide variety of restaurant and commercial establishment owners. Our knowledgeable comfort consultants can help you select the system that’s right for your business, and our installers can provide a thorough, professional installation. This means your heat and smoke exhaust system will be ready to do its job if ever the need should arise.

Commercial Exhaust Fans: Troubleshooting and Repair

Commercial exhaust fans are a fact of life in every restaurant or commercial kitchen. Your kitchen exhaust fan removes harmful byproducts of cooking from the indoor air, venting the pollution-laden air to the outside. Many of these devices also filter the air before releasing it outdoors. Some substances commercial exhaust fans remove from the air inside the kitchen include smoke, grease, odors created when different organic gases combine during cooking, and various particulates and other pollutants.

From this description, it’s easy to see how important these exhaust fans are to the integrity of the air inside any commercial kitchen. This is why you’ll appreciate knowing that KLM’s service technicians are available to provide a quick repair that will have your commercial exhaust fan working as good as new.

Commercial Ventilation System Maintenance

A well-maintained commercial ventilation and smoke exhaust system are a must for keeping the air inside your restaurant’s kitchen clear of contaminants and protecting your building and its occupants by removing heat and smoke. Keeping your equipment in good working order is essential to achieving these critical goals. To make sure your commercial ventilation system is well-maintained, call KLM Heating & Cooling today.

What our clients say

KLM has taken the stress of preventative maintenance and repairs off myself and leadership team. Response time and demeanor of the technicians make my operations team feel confident the repairs are being done correctly and with urgency.  Doug Mccoy and I have an open and honest relationship and we often discuss capital improvements while deciding if repair or replacement is needed.  After many years of trying to find a maintenance partner, we have found one in KLM.

We have always struggled finding a company to be consistent and complete the work in a timely fashion until we started using KLM.  Technicians explain the issue and why it happened and lay out a plan to fix it.  I have called, Doug McCoy, several times with either questions or planning repairs and he is always there to help and provide his knowledge and expertise.  To be honest, he is one of the many reasons we keep our business with KLM.